This Woman's Worth

31 March 2005

What's The World Coming To?

Damn! Now that we know the woman would not have lived without the feeding tube, can we all get some rest? Seriously, this whole case about Terri Schiavo has made me consider creating a Living Will. Seriously... I do NOT want to be hooked up to ANY machine unless there is a 99.999999999% chance of me being able to function the same way I was functioning before the blasted machine. If God wants me, I'm going. And dang... if I can't feed myself, EVER, don't even think about putting feeding tube in my body. My soul would despise that! I hope Mrs. Schiavo is resting in peace and not rolling over in her grave due to how her parents are treating her husband's decision. Yes, it's painful for the parents, because they no longer have a say so in their daughter's life. However, they were aware that they lost the say so when her daughter married. Come on people... get a clue!

What's next? Now the Pope is on his death bed. Do you really think he desires to have this feeding tube? Yes, he's the Christians' direct line to Jesus and God. However, it's pretty ironic that all of this is happening to him during Easter week, isn't it? God may be calling his desciple home. Let him go, people, let him go! He'll be out of his misery and MUCH happier when he arrives "HOME". I'm sure the Pope would rather be at peace than going through HELL.

MOVING ON........
My work day was okay. However... I'm learning that Schizophrenics that have the learning level of a damn 10 year old really get on mydamnnerves! He's a great guy and is innocent, but damn... does he have to banter about everydamnthing? 3 hours with someone who wants to talk and have your attention everydamnminute is nerve racking. By the way, I work as a mental health clinical counselor with a adults. It's a simple job, but damn... people be getting on my damn nerves! LOL

Ya know... I've known of this guy for a few months now, but have yet to meet him. He's pretty intelligent and seems to have a decent sense of humor. He's even cute when he claims he's looking bad. I get to meet him for the first time tomorrow... I'm kinda excited about meeting him, talking with him, and getting to know more about him. I'll fill ya in later about the meeting.

30 March 2005

When All Things Seem to Turn Around

Why is it that when you really know things are starting to look up and brighter... something bad happens? It might not be something major, but you know it's going to affect you somehow, someway! So... it's hot today and I go to turn on the AC and it's all HOT ASS air! First thing that comes to my mind is GREAT... I GOT NO MONEY TO BE SPENDING TO GET THIS SHIT FIXED! IT'S GONNA BE A HOT ASS SUMMER! Well, thanks to a friend of mine in ATL, he gave me some hope to my problem only being refrigerant. Next thing on my mind was... how the hell am I gonna put refrigerant in my car? Well... God sends another grace my way... a friend of mine volunteered to come down Friday to help recharge the system! AND... he introduced me to this site today... THANKS Z!!! Now I can vent and trip and act a fool when I wanna~! YIPPPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the major stressful thing for me today. Now I only have to come up with the money to purchase the refrigerant and the charger. LOL All's well tho. Anywho.... stay tuned... cuz I'ma love this place!!!