This Woman's Worth

28 December 2005


I know all of you have heard Beyonce's new single... Check On Me... Ok... I'm diggin the jam. It's my song for 2005. AND... it WILL carry into 2006.

Well... I watched making of the video... of this song.

AND... I was REAL disappointed.

Don't get me wrong. It had it's ass shaykage and ya bootyhoes to watch. The females even get some eye candy in this one with Slim Thug. Howeva... Why can't artists be MORE original with their shit?

You got artists rewriting ole skool, cuz they can't come up with they own shit. If you can't be creative... get out the bidness.

What am I talking about with Beyonce's video?

Well... since all the awards shows and all the claims of other females being the top sex symbol since Janet... seems like B is appearing to be a bit intimidated.

Miss B. symbolized three, make that FOUR, different female artists in this ONE video.

1. Lil Kim
2. Mariah Carey
3. Shakira
4. J.Lo

In one take, Beyonce has her hair... AHEM... I mean her horses' hair cornrowed like Lil Kim AND she got on the sunglasses LiL Kim had on in "Put Ya Lighters Up". B is even dressed like L.K. USED to dress. I say USED to... cuz she HAS cleaned up her act just a teensy bit. I guess being locked up and chased around to be munched on may have scurred her a lil bit.

Another take... Beyonce has her hair all wavy and flimsy like Mariah. She even has on the shirt that looks like a dress in the video. WTF? Since Mariah got her boob job AND a personal trainer, I can't lie... the bitch is FOINE! But, damn, B... you's fine too!

THEN... there's the take where she is kneeled on the floor with a J.LO outfit on. She's got her hair straightened AND pulled back like J.Lo does her hair. THEN... she pulls the move where she's dancing while kneeled and rubbing up her thigh.

THIS one took the cake! THIS hoe decided to curl her hair up JUST LIKE SHAKIRA'S! She is moving like Shakira and is dressed like Shakira from the VMA's. *SMH*

I just don't understand. Be you!

Beyounce, if your seemingly insecure phat ass is reading this... BEYADAMNSELF!

I know Sean C. is intimidating to be with, but DAMN! Do ya own thing! You were before him, you will while you're with him - HOPEFULLY - and you will after that muhfukka. You've been selling records for a while now. No need to feel intimidated by the other females in the business that WILL and ARE giving you a run for your money! heehee

If I had a personal trainer... I'd be a mix of JLo and Shakira.

just my thoughts tho

25 December 2005

Tis the Season

For me, it's MERRY CHRISTMAS! BUT... for those of you that do not celebrate Christmas, I'ma be nice and... nah... fuck that... I believe in ONE thing... and I'ma leave it at that!


I'm not jolly, but I'm not scrooge either. I made it through the holiday, but missed the hell out of my sister.


I have a lot to blog about.... just haven't had the will or the want to sit in front of this screen to really type what's been happenin!

I hope all of you had a GREAT Christmas and that your New Year will be prosperous!!!