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30 January 2006

HornyScopes: I'ma PISCES!

Feb 20 - March 20
Ruling Planet: NEPTUNE
The God in charge of delicious dreams, dangerous deceptions and sexual fantasies

Sexually speaking, Pisces is putty in your hands. Anything you want, anything, is only a question away. If you're looking for someone who will go the extra mile to discover all your secret moan zones, then Pisces is for you! When a typical Piscean makes out, it's an act of romance rather than pure pleasure. Pisces is the sign of love itself. They are so romantic and want satin sheets and candles, poetry and a full moon. Music also gets them in the mood. One of their least appetizing traits is their ability to become very, very jealous. Sometimes they are so scared of losing the fairy-tale romance that they ruin the happy ending themselves.

Pisces is all about Oral affections!

A copy of the Kama Sutra, since your fish is into almost anything

He is romantic and has the reputation of being a womanizer. The girlfriend of a Piscean man should keep her eye on the ball as he can be a bit flighty.But he does make an excellent lover. He's from the old school that sex should be an almost out of body experience, and if he's showering his attentions on you, you're in for a hell of a good ride!

She needs romance. It's the very air that she breathes. She needs to be held gently and whispered sweet nothings to but when it comes to between the sheets action, she's never happy doing the same ol', same ol' when she knows there are more exciting options at hand.

The Pisces Zesty-zone is their feet! If you want to make Pisces your Love Slave, start with a warm, scented footbath and soak their feet for 10 minutes. Then sit in front of them, cross-legged, and rub their feet firmlythrough the water. Use kneading motions that run from their ankles to the tips of their toes. After 5 minutes, get a scrub brush and clean their tootsies with lots of TLC, dry them off and lightly massage peppermint oil all over their feet, paying close attention to between their toes. Pisces REALLY gets off on this! Once oiled up, gently kiss each toe, one by one. Then let your tongue take over and you're in baby!!!

I don't have a link for this, because it was sent to me via email. If you'd like a copy of UR HORNYSCOPE, email me and I'll hook ya up!

25 January 2006


I've been working on me for the past few months. Since my sister's death, I've been questioning a lot of things in my life, and I have been overwhelmed with decisions and changes I Need to make within my life. I've been attending church, and have commited a lot of things to God.

I'm so overwhelmed with things that I'm losing focus and I'm scared.

I need your help. I need those of you who have a relationship with our maker to pray for me. I need you to pray that God will guide me in the right direction, take the fear of change from me, and help me accomplish the goals I am going to share with you.

I talked with one of my BEST FRIENDS last week, and he requested that I make a list of goals that I want to accomplish this year. I made a list of my top 5 goals that I want to accomplish, 3 short term goals for the year, and an important extra goal. Thanks Kamal... u mean so much to me!

Last night, Kamal, and I talked for a minute about my overwhelming decision that is currently weighing heavy on my heart.

My brother-in-law has offered to make the kids' playroom into an apartment for me so that I can help him take care of the kids and the house. He will pay me $800 a month, which is only half of what I bring home a month right now. I would have no bills, except my student loan, car note and insurance, school, and cell phone. He would be furnishing food, cable, and electricity. I have to give up my privacy and a lot of my weekend freedoms. I love my niece and nephew with all I got, and I know I'm the closest thing they have to their mother and a mother figure. On Friday, I'm traveling to the school to learn how much it will cost me to take classes AND to find out how long the waiting list is for nuclear medicine technology. I know I have to take 2-3 of the prerequisites... but their going to be a cinch, because I took them in college, but made a D in the course cuz I didn't apply myself like I should have then. ANYWHO! I know I want to make this career change, because once I do... I'll "BE IN THE MONEY". I feel like the right decision is to pack all my belongings, put them in storage, and move in with my sister's family. They NEED me, and I know this. I'll also have to find a part time gig for extra money.

It's so scary, though! I've been living alone since forever, and there are going to be sooo many changes within me. I'm about to grow up a whole hell of a lot! Just when you KNOW u grown, you grow up some more! Doing this will take a lot of my freedoms... man... am I going to miss those! God, I hope you know what you're doing! There's about to be a lot of changes my way! Quitting my job, moving in with family, going BACK to school, and changing my life to get closer to God.

Please pray that I make the right decision and I do right by my sister's family!

To the goals...
Please pray that I will accomplish each goal within the set time frame, and that it will please God. These are weaknesses that I want to turn to strengths, and these are things that I feel will help me get closer to God and better myself at the same time.

Top FIVE Goals For The Year
1. Pay Off All Credit Card Debts.
I have three credit cards. They are all maxed out. I am close to $3000 in debt and I have collection agencies writing me. I am going to write each collection agency and send them a certain amount of money each week for each bill. Please pray that I am able to pay these debts off within 2 years, starting with the first payment no later than April.
2. Send Transcripts to Midlands Tech so that I Can Start School.
I'm a procrastinator. I will put things off as long as I can, and this is not a good thing. Please pray that I will delete this flaw from my system. It tends to keep me from talking to God and getting other important things accomplished within my life.
3. Start Classes For Career Change
Another procrastination. The sooner I start, the sooner I can make the money.
4. Workout Daily
Yet, ANOTHER procrastination. I want to better my moods, my appearance, and my soul. When I do workout, I feel better about myself and my self-confidence soars. However... I haven't worked out in a long time, and with all the stress, I've gotten worse. I divulge in comfort foods and talk myself out of working out by telling myself I will get up in the AM and hit the gym before work. I know damn well I am NOT going to get up that early! So... I tell myself, "I'll start tomorrow... I got this and that going on today." Guys and Gals, if you have any suggestions, PUHLLEEEAAASE send them my way, and PLEASE pray that I will become sooooooooo motivated that I will workout daily to improve myself FOR God and that I can glorify Him through improving my health AND soul.
5. Spend More Time With Family AND Friends.
I love and adore my family AND my friends. I don't get to see them as often as I would like, but I do know that those that I am not able to see often, I need to pick up the phone more. Life is too short and I need to enjoy every moment I have with all of my loved ones.
THREE Short Term Goals
1. Find a part time gig to help with school and finances.
I can NOT afford school AND all my bills with my current job alone, NOR will I be able to when I move in with my sister's family. Starting next month, I will be getting rid of my cable in order to have an extra amount of money a month. I've lived without it before, I can do it again. Please pray that God will help me find the right job AND that He will assist me with paying for school and finances. Pray that I will listen as God guides me and that I will NOT procrastinate with knowing what I need to do.
2. Workout daily to lose 20lbs by May
And, yes, I want to continue to work out to maintain my health and figure after I lose this weight. Please just pray for motivation and self-discipline.
3. Attend Choir Rehearsals and Church weekly
I have a hard time, sometimes, making myself drive from work to choir rehearsal each Wednesday. Like tonight, I did not go to rehearsal. I made the excuse that I have to work Sunday and won't be there to sing, so I came home to watch Jamie Foxx's show... WHICH By the way WAS AWESOME! I know this did NOT please God, and I'm going to have to do some major apologizing. Sunday mornings... aren't as bad as they used to be. I'm able to wake up and make myself go to church to worship, praise, and glorify God. HOWEVER, there are those rainy mornings that make me wanna sleep past 10, when I know I gotta be up at 9, cuz I gotta be at church at 10:30, because I'm in the choir. This isn't too tough, BUT it does take some self-motivation. Once I move in with my sister's family, it won't be... the kids love church. They wanna go when their Dad doesn't want to go, AND they wanted to go when their Mom didn't or couldn't attend. AND they went. God truly is amazing! This goal will help me to get closer to God through fellowship with my Christian family.
Easier said than done with all these temptations out here. I think the prayer request for this one is obvious. I just want to glorify Him and make him Happy with everything I do. Why? Because when this short life is over, I want to see my Maker's face. That will be one glorious day! When things get tough, it's difficult to remember that we are living this life for the eternal life.
I know this post was long. If you read all of it and made it to this point, Thanks!
Ya'll didn't know I could get all serious like that, hunh? Mortal life is rough!
In the words of my boy Lex, "Life's a bitch and then you die", but I don't want my life to end in a casket. I know there is more to it than that. And recently, I feel as if I have been existing and not living.

23 January 2006

Wednesday Night Television


What's on the line up for Wednesday night television?


At 8pm, on NBC, we have a new show with Jamie Foxx. All black cast and he refuses to cast a white person upon NBC's request. NBC is NOT advertising this show. You ask why? Man, I don't know.

Maybe NBC is a racist station.
Maybe they're pissed because Mr. Unpredictable refused to cast a white person.
Maybe they want the show to fail, because it's an all African-American cast.

Rumor has it that they want the show to fail. Why would they want the show to fail? Please go back to the three reasons listed for NBC NOT advertising the show. Thank you.

You all know that at 8pm on FOX, we got the all superior American Idol, also on Wednesday night. How NBC would choose to preview a show that they would want to succeed against American Idol is beyond me. Yes, I like watching American Idol, but give me something MORE entertaining and brainstorming than watching people make a fool of themselves and trying to become the next Clay Aiken or Kelly Clarkson.

So... why am I telling all of you this?

Because I'm hoping that some of you will say the hell with American Idol Wednesday night at 8pm and give Jamie Foxx's show a chance. I would love to do this, BUT I have previous commitments that stand in my way of being able to watch the show on Wednesday.

I'm expecting all of you, who DO watch television AND have cable or even rabbit ears on top of ya television AND receive NBC to tune in and watch.

When, where, and why?

Wednesday night, 8pm sharp! Better yet, at 7:55pm. Please do not be on CP time!
In front of your television!
Tune into NBC!
Support Jamie Foxx and the rest of his cast who is trying to make a difference... LIKE MLK!

09 January 2006

Playing Catch UP

Aight... this post is going to be a breakdown of what happened New Years and the past week.

I'm starting to feel the urge to blog, again. I think that with the holidays and grieving my sister, I wasn't motivated to do a whole lot. It was all I could do to keep my clothes washed and my apartment tidy.

New Years
*blowing noise maker*
I drove to Richmond Thursday night after work. I prolly could have made it all the way to my destination, but damnit, I was sleepi as hell. I stayed at this.... lol... ok.

Ya'll know those motels you see in scary movies? The Bates Motel, side of Route 66 motels, the motel from Joy Ride, etc. Well, I stayed in one of those ya ass is gonna get killt motels Thursday night. Hell, I didn't wanna spend an ass, a leg, and an arm on a room, cuz I was going to be spending more money over the weekend AND I had to get my ass back to SC. I walked into the King size bed smoking room *ahem.... I do NOT smoke* and thought, "It's just for one night." I leapt onto the bed and wished I hadn't. THAT mofo was harder than concrete. I didn't even get a bounce back from that muthafucka. I told that bed... "Look, bed. If we gonna get along tonight, I'ma need u to soften up." LMAO... that bitch stayed harder than a damn jolly rancher. But I couldn't suck it all night long *LaffyTaffy*... LOL... sorri... couldn't NOT do it. So... I wrestled with that damn concrete ass bed all night. I think I got a total of 2 hours sleep in that hard ass bed. On top of that, the heat was dry as fuck AND it got hot as a damn sauna up in that mofo. I ended up having to curl up in the sheet and not have any heat on, cuz I couldn't get the temperature right. I don't sleep under motel/hotel comforters cuz they never wash those mothafuckas and u don't know what the muthafucka before you was doing on that comforter, much less do you know what you might be catching from that nasty muthafucka. Anywho... I made it thru the night.

I woke up the next morning and traveled on to my destination... Springfield, VA.

Thursday night... I contacted a fellow blogger to let the person know that I was close to the area. We made plans to make sure we got together before I left town. I love this person's voice. It's all deep and when this person is tired, the voice gets raspy and all sexy. BAck to this later.

I went to shoot pool Friday night and kicked it with my peeps.

We went to lunch at Fridays. After lunch, we went to see Fun With Dick and Jane. OMG! That movie was hilarious!!! Especially if you grew up reading the Dick and Jane books. I laughed my ass off... but still have plenty to go 'round. hahaha
After the movie... well... some I have to leave out cuz it gets kinda personal. We'll jump to that night.
I shower, dress, and leave with my peoples for a house party. Man, I'm thinking this party is going to be in the DC area. LMFAO. Let's just say I had a good time, but did NOT know I'd be traveling to fucking bumfuck Egypt nothing to do Damascus, MD for a house party. I'm just glad there was lots of wine and champaigne... AND a hot tub. After the ball dropped AND I got my new years kiss, I was off to the hot tub with my wine and champaigne. Man... it's NOTHING like getting fucked up in a hot tub and being able to see all the stars in the clear sky above you.

OH... before the hot tub... we set off our rounds of fireworks.

I guess it was around 2AM when we traveled back to VA. I slept like a baby.

Sunday, I woke up... feeling great, feeling fine. Later that afternoon, I started feeling sick cuz I hadn't eaten. Where'd I go u ask? I took my ass to Popeyes and got me a breast and wing meal. Scarfed that shit down. HOWEVA... while I was standing in line waiting to order, I could feel my blood sugar level dropping bit by bit. As I stepped up to the register, I was seeing stars and I knew I was 'bout to pass the fuck out in the middle of the floor. So... I ordered a big ass drink and filled it with some damn fruit punch. I sucked that down so I could get my sugar level back to normal AND so Popeyes wouldn't wanna call EMS on me. I hate those fuckers. LOL No... I am NOT a damn diabetic. Sometimes, if I don't eat right... my sugar drops... just like your's will, dumbass. So... returned to the apartment, scarfed down my chicken and red beans and rice AND the biscuit, then started feeling sleepi. Yup... I took my New Year's Day nap. I slept for 2-3 hours and was upset, because I had missed the kickoff of the Redskins game. Howeva... when I woke up... I was ill. Seriously. I was sick. I was hotter than hell, had the chills, my entire body ached, and I had a sore throat. My friend traveled to the store and bought me some chicken noodle soup and nyquil. I ate 4-5 bites of the soup and was done. I had NO appetite. I started crying, because I didn't wanna get sick up there! This was my party time, damnit! AND... I was crying because I felt soooooooooooooooooo bad. I wanted to call my mommy, BUT I didn't. I decided to be a big girl this time. Around 9:30, I took my Nyquil and went to bed like a good little sick girl.

I woke up Monday feeling a tad bit better. I took a shower and brushed my teeth, hoping this would make me feel LOTS better, but all it did was wear me out. I crashed back on the bed, feeling like I was going to faint. I slept all day Monday. I woke up Tuesday feeling 92%. I showered and packed and felt as if I could travel home. I really had no choice. I had to return to work on Wednesday. I got home safe and sound.

I didn't get to meet my blogger pal, but that's in the works. Ain't that right, Mister? heehee You know damn well what the deal is! hahaha

I did bring in the new year with a fella. That's all I'm telling you right now. I don't wanna jinx it, plus... it ain't none of your fucking bidness, buddi!

At least it was ONE man I kissed on NewYears compared to someone I heard that kissed 20 different girls. LOL Actually... I think it was 4... lol... yes, I'm jealous.



I'm not the jealous type.

So, I'm back home. Returned to work. And all the local fuckers are back to sweating me. Man... I wish those beads of sweat would roll off of me and stay the fuck offa me. I'm basically NOT talking to them... Why, you ask? hahaha

All because of my weekend in VA/DC.

Look for more from me... I'm really feeling it right now!

Plus I have more man news!!!!!