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31 March 2006

Doing My Happy Dance

The day started early.... we had a cookout for our clients, which meant I was getting off early, 1.5 hours earlier, on a Friday. That alone had me grinning all day. I get tired of getting off at 6:30pm, watching all the fuckers sitting at applebees enjoying their happy hour drinks and whore durvs, and coming home after everyone else has eaten dinner. So, the day was already good.

Today was also payday, which is a good thing, cuz rent is due. It IS the first of the month! After I got off work, I went by the bank to deposit my ENTIRE check. So, I'm sitting in the vehicle happy, no worries. It's FRIDAY and I'm off early!!!! Yeah baby!!! Then, there's this man's voice coming through my drive thru pole.

"Ma'am. You can't do anything with this check today. It's dated for tomorrow's date."


"Sir, it's after 2pm. Why can't I deposit my check? It's already the next day, banking wise."

"Ma'am, we no longer do carryovers."


I snatched my check, deposit slip, and driver's license out the damn pole. I slammed the gear into drive and drove off. Why the fuck can't I deposit my damn check? Everyone else was able to do shit with their checks today!!! Fuck it... got dayum! Now I gotta get up early on a fucking Saturday morning to deposit this fucking check so that I can pay Verizon and the electric company they fucking money!!!! I hate bank of america!!!! Stingy muthafuckas!!! All the damn check is gonna do is sit there till Monday night anyways! It won't even post till Monday night! Stupid fuckers!!!

I get home, walk in the door, and sit down to check my account balance.

Raising eyebrows. Holding breath.

Did that say U.S. Treasury?

Taking another glance.

I'm not supposed to get THAT much back!

I need to call Daddy.

My mom answers: "Mom! So, blah blah blah... blah blah blah... and I got home and checked my account and the U.S. Treasury has given me X amount of money as my refund!!! But, I'm not supposed to get that much back!"

My Mom: "Woooooooooooooooooooooooowhooooooooooo!!!! LUCKY YOU!!!"

Me: "Mom! Did you hear what I said? That's not how much I'm expecting back!"

Mom: "You must have made a mistake and.."

"No, mom, THEY Musta made a mistake!!!"

Why? Cuz stuff like this just DOES.NOT.HAPPEN.TO.ME!

Dad suggested I call the IRS hotline, so I did after I hung up with Moms.

I dialed the number, put in the requested info and listened.

"Due to an error (what? an error?) we found within the paperwork of your tax returns, we increased the amount (you have GOT to be kidding me! April Fools, right?) of your refund to X amount of dollars."

What? *jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear* An error? In MY favor?? YES!!!!!

*doing my happy dance*

Fuck the bank!!! hahahahaha

I'll deposit my check on Monday you fuckers!!!! hahahaa

Ya'll, I feel like a load has been lifted! No, I'm not out of my financial woes, but the Lord has helped me to start digging my way out. The Lord is AWESOME!!!!

Now, I can transfer my car registration, tags, and driver's license to SC! And I been here... well... nevermind... I don't wanna incriminate myself.

And, I can catch up on other bills!

Yes, I was holding my breath as I listened to that computerized voice on the other end of the IRS hotline. But, damn! When I heard error in MY favor!!! I was in here ready to do cartwheels all over my apartment! I was doing my happy dance....!

I'm still grinning with glee on the inside and am ready to open a savings account AND pay on some of these bills so I'm not behind anymore!!!

The Power of Prayer!!!



Thank you God, and thank you IRS for redoing my taxes!!!!!!


btw... DID Ya'll catch THE SHOP on MTV last night? Did anyone happen to see how FOINE Van was looking? And how the hell did that stupid ass kid get the food orders wrong, TWICE! Ignuhnce, I swear. But, HEY VAN, if you're reading this... I'd bring you lunch EVERYDAY BABY!!!! SMOOCHES!

25 March 2006


I watched BET's RIP THE RUNWAY last night. And I was very pleased!

Who am I to be pleased? A consumer of great looking clothing!

LL's line was hot! AND he had his son up in the mix of models!

Steve Harvey's line was hot too!!! OMG!!! HOT TO DEATH!

But who won it for me?

Monif C, Qrystal, and Courtney Washington and their plus size models AND clothing! I wear some 16s, but cannot fit in most of the "plus" size clothing, although I appear as if I should be wearing them. But let me tell you! These models were the sexiest! They had the curves! And there is NOTHING like a curvaceous woman!!! And LL... Lemme just thank YOU in advance!!! LL has renamed the clothing size of "plus" size. He is now calling us SIZE SEXY! That's right!!! Us PHAT GIRLS are wearing SIZE SEXY and we're doing the damn thing!!! All you beanpoles out there... sir mix alot told ya'll a long time ago... ya'll AIN'T IT MISS THANG!!! hahaha So... ladies... when we're out there shopping for our larger sizes cuz we got the curves to ride... just remember... we're shopping in the section where SIZE SEXY is located!!!!

I'm headed to the websites to find out how much a few of these items cost! A lot of them are GOTS TO HAVES!!!!!

If you missed it last night... u know BET gonna play it again, and again, and again, and again, and again... hahaha

24 March 2006

any questions?

let's see...

U can fuck wit me... but remember... u don't know me...

I'ma mean bitch and will come at you like this!


AND this

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19 March 2006


Let's say your spouse passed away, recently, and you're left with a 9 year old and a 13 year old.

You're noticing that your 13 year old is angrier than usual for a teenager, the teen is yelling more, the teen is lying more, and self-isolating.

The 9 year old seems to be handling things well, but is going through weird bouts of not eating, claiming to be sick regularly, losing interest in things the child used to love, and doesn't feel safe around you anymore.

Your in laws know that the kids need counseling and have suggested that you visit a counselor. You did.. but aren't sure you want to continue, and you don't know whether or not to drag the kids to counseling against their will.

Your kids are claiming they are okay and do not want to see a counselor, but deep down you KNOW that it would be good for them in the long run versus a difficult adult life.

Would you make your child go to counseling against their will?

09 March 2006



I'm so excited!

I've been thinking about it all day!


Okay... I'm joking. I haven't REALLY been thinking about it/HIM ALL day...

It hit me around 7pm this evening that... HEY... It's Thursday!!!

Do ya'll know what that means?

Hell naw ya'll don't!!!

I guess I gotta tell you fuckers!

It is currently 9pm on a Thursday night. In one point five hours it will be time. That's 10:30 for you ignant fools who can't tell time.

At 10pm, my boobtube will be on MTV. I'll be watching Wild N Out. Then... at 10:29pm I will be getting hype!

The Shop is coming on tonight mayne!!!

What's coming on you say?

The Shop heffas!!!!

You know... that show about the barbershop in NYC? The show that has ONE female barber and one, okay Grayse, TWO FOINE ass barbers!!!! The show that discusses different issues, music, artists, etc. Seriously... I'm loving this show! And I'm really looking forward to tonights show! Why? You'll have to tune in to find out heffas!!! Let's just say that last week's preview of tonight's show has lead me to believe that Van... mmmmmm... that chocolate morsel is deliciously viewable... will have a lot of TV time tonight!

Yeah... yeah... yeah...

I know his ass is young, but who the fuck cares?

I found pics of him on MTV's website for the shop, but I can't copy those muthafuckas to paste on this bitch.

I'ma find a way!

Tonight, tomorrow, the next day, the next week, howeva the fuck long it takes, Pinky! We conquer the copying and pasting of VAN's pics!!!!

Can you watch the show over there Grayse??? ahahahahah

06 March 2006

yeah well

ok... so the Oscars were the Oscars with the shock of 3 6 mafia winning an Oscar for a song about a pimp.. lol... ok. Congrats. And damn! Did anyone see how damn FOINE Terrance Howard was looking last night? Great googlie mooglies!!!! And he brought his son with him to the Awards.... he's a cutie, with all his good hair.

Best dressed: Charlize Theron. That bitch rocked it!!! And she could get it!


I'm ready for Thursday night already. My show comes on at 10:30pm. It's on MTV and damnit, I know that my baby daddy is on that damn show! I saw him! LOL Naw... for reals... I am madd attracted to that man, but ain't no way in hellz that we would eva meet so that I could actually let him know... well... I'd tell him this, "VAN! VAN from MTV's THE SHOP! I got a crush on you!"

Last week he walked his walk like he would if he were modeling! GOT DAYUM! If he were a model, I'd be at EVERY DAMN SHOW! I'd buy EVERY magazine... JUST TO SUPPORT HIS CHOICE TO BE A MODEL!

I mean... VAN... the man has great facial features and he dresses like WHOA!

The next time I'm in NYC... I'ma just walk past The Shop to get a personal glimpse of Van... I'm not sure if he's makedededed up for TV or if that's all him on the show.

I saw a preview of this week's show... and I got a lil scared... tune in this Thursday night, to MTV at 10:30pm to get a glimpse of my crush, VAN, and to see why I got a lil scurred! hahaha

I knew you couldn't be gay man... you too foine!!! hahaha

Now Teddy on the otha hand... hmmm... *scratchin temple*

Sorri Grayse... and I know he MIGHT NOT be gay... I know his 'date' showed up... she ain't got nothing on you tho girl!!! hahaha