This Woman's Worth

05 May 2006

First Spring Storm

It's approaching!
It's getting darker.
The tree tops are swaying back and forth.
The leaves are rustling.
The rumbles can be heard off in the distance.
The dark grey clouds could be seen for miles in the distance.

There's something about the approach of the storm that excites me. Seriously. I love watching the lightening, listening to the rain falling, and hearing the different noise levels of claps of thunder on a warm, spring and/or summer afternoon. Late afternoon that is... afternoon that is falling into evening.

What makes these storms even better is having someone special to cuddle with and talk with during the storm. Maybe even have a lil loving involved.

One memory frequents my mind when there is an evening thunderstorm where you can really see the lightening.

I was living in Baltimore, and I had met a man named.... we'll call him Young Noah. He had arrived at my house early that evening. We had dinner, and were chilling at my place afterwards. Later that night, u could hear the leaves rustling, there were flashes of lightening, and rumbles of thunder. Y.N. was laying at one end of the couch and I was laying at the other end. We gazed at each other, talked about how we both enjoy thunderstorms, and enjoyed one another's company.

I miss the times I shared with Y.N. I'm looking forward to experiencing the same type of atmosphere with Mr. Right Forever.

The leaves are still rustling.
Low rumbles of thunder can be heard.
Tiny pitpats of rain can be heard.

Anyone care to join me? Oh.
I don't mean ANYONE. I mean YOU.