This Woman's Worth

05 June 2006


Ya know...

I've sat down to this thing numerous times to post some interesting things that have been going on in my world lately. I've made discoveries about myself and have had soooo much fun in the past two weeks, but I can't bring myself to sit down and actually type about it.

I started out posting something everyday. Even if it was about some bullshit. But now, I'm like... when I feel like it, I'll post. I'm just not really into it all that much anymore.

When I can actually sit down to the computer and focus on typing about events that have come to pass, I'll post 'em.

I just can't focus... I got too much working inside my head to focus on ONE thing at a time.

It's even difficult for me to focus at work!

Any suggestions? And, hayle to the naw... I am NOT taking meds! hahaha

I've made it this far without taking meds... I think I'll continue on my lil path!