This Woman's Worth

20 November 2006


It's Monday. My first thought was, I have three days to get all this work done before the holidays. My second was, guess I'll be working towards overtime, cuz I don't have enough time in one day to get all this crap done! Then I hear, we're having our office Thanksgiving luncheon today! My ears perked up and was so damn happy!

I have NO money, because Bank of America screwed up my paycheck 3 weeks ago! I got paid last week, but that entire check had to go to bills. How did BoA screw up my check? 15 years of having my paychecks have my first name, middle initial, and last name on them, BoA has never said anything. My account has my middle and last name on it. BUT... on Nov. 1, all of a sudden BoA has a problem with the name on my paycheck being different from the name on my account. They rejected my check. They rejected my check AFTER I paid my storage fee and paid other bills the day I deposited my check! They rejected my check the night after I deposited my check AND paid bills! I found out that the damn bank rejected my check the next day! I go into the bank and I'm sent to customer service.

What does customer service do for me? Not a damn thing!!! After I explained and explained what happened, the cs lady FINALLY decided to write down the expenses so that she could credit any overdraft fees I may incur. Did that help? That day, yes! A week later, I look at my account and it says I owe the bank almost $400!!! WHAT!?!@?!? I don't think so.

Meanwhile, the check that the bank claims the ATM service mailed to me has yet to arrive in my mailbox!

I go BACK to the bank to let them know they are screwing up. They tell me, "Well, we refunded you one overdraft fee as a favor."

Boy, I had to say a quick prayer, because I was about to go off on this MidEastern female dog! I reminded her of what she had agreed to do for me, and informed her that the check she told me the bank would cover had been returned. So... the bank had screwed me again! Her response, "Well, I don't know what to tell you. We can't do anything."

I asked for her branch manager. She's not in today, she'll be in tomorrow.

Finally, after I told her, two weeks after they rejected my check, the day of my second of the month payday, that she was NOT getting any of my money, she decided that she would call her branch manager. Branch manager made the decision that the bank would refund ALL, did I say ALL, yes, I said ALL, of the overdraft fees! Ok... I'm good with that!

CS Lady asked me if I was going to deposit my check. Ummm... NO! Until all the fees are refunded and I can see it posted in/on my account, the bank is getting NONE of my money. She asked me if I wanted to open a savings account to put my money in until they get things straight with my checking account. NO! She further went on to explain to me that my check would not be forwarded to me in the mail, because it's a signed live check. The "ATM service" mailed my check to my old address.


My check arrived IN THE MAIL at MY NEW ADDRESS on Friday. Bank of America is claiming that it's not THEIR fault that my check was rejected. No one called me to let me know, either. They just rejected the check and mailed it to me. A LIVE CHECK IN THE MAIL. SCARY!!! So, my check arrived in the mail on Friday! Which means my check was forwarded to me! It arrived in TWO, count them, TWO BANK OF AMERICA envelopes! haha So, I have my check AND the TWO BoA envelopes to take to the bank today! I'ma let them know that it WAS their fault! AND... I'm closing my account with BoA.

Customer Service Lady asked me when I addressed the issue the first day if I would make referrals to BoA. It was all I could do to NOT laugh in her face. I told her, "We'll see how you handle this situation." Based on what you've read, what do you think my verdict is?

It's Monday. They have refunded all but ONE overdraft fee. They refunded the money for my returned check, but they have NOT refunded the overdraft fee for my check! I'm like WTF! How hard is it? Plus, the check was returned to me! No longer is that the banks fault unless they just wanna give me a free $89! haha


It's Monday. The office had our Thanksgiving Dinner. Everyone brought food... well... not everyone! haha I didn't know about it. But I did eat! haha The food was really good. I've been impressed.

However, I've been experiencing this strange pain in the left upper part of my ribcage, right below my boob. I don't know if it's acid reflux, indigestion, or my gall bladder. I've talked to several people who told me they had the same kind of pain and that the doctors found that it was their gall bladder. Ummm... I don't have the time to take for gall bladder surgery. haha WTF does a gall bladder do anyway? I know you can live without it, but if we don't need it, why do we have one? Same for the appendix. I had that removed at 16.

Just know that as I end this post, that pain is getting worse! I've tried TUMS and Zantac. Neither work!

02 November 2006


It's a beautiful Fall day outside, although the temperature might prove differently! The leaves have started to change and fall, FINALLY! The sun is shining and we have all been given another day to breathe! Did any of you get to witness the night sky last night? It was gorgeous! The 3/4 moon with patchy clouds around it and passing over the moon made for a beautiful November night. I can't wait to see the Fall sky during the next Full Moon. We seem to take the small things for granted: smiles, thank you's, pats on the back, our environment, the presence of other people, our loved ones, etc. If any of the small things were absent from your everyday life, how would it affect you? Let's try to remember that it's the SMALL things that seem to make one's day brighter. Has anyone noticed that the sky is not the same everyday? Take time to observe your environment (inside and out) and be a witness to the awesome things that have been placed before you and for you. You never know what might change your day for the better and where you may find a peace of mind! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL and PRODUCTIVE Thirsty Thursday! It's almost Friday! Smile!